The Nick Teller Series:

0.5) Bad Luck Hunting

Twelve years before the events of Rogue Arcanist, Nick Teller is just a fifteen year old kid. Except he’s a fifteen year old kid who’s also an arcanist, and he’s been sent into London to hunt something not from this world. Things can’t get any worse. Oh, wait… yes they can.

1) Rogue Arcanist

You don’t know who you are until you’re threatened. Arcanists are born with the ability to manipulate reality with their spellcraft, their existence a closely guarded secret; they’re among the most dangerous people on the planet, and rogues some of the worst. Nick Teller isn’t a rogue arcanist by choice; he’d been born to it. But he understands the death sentence that carries if the totalitarian Society of Arcanists ever find him. That’s why he left that life to become a lecturer at King’s College London. Staying hidden, staying safe. But nothing lasts forever…

2) Deadliest Bidder

Some debts can get you killed. Nick Teller has spent his entire adult life hiding from other arcanists, living in fear of the ruthless Society of Arcanists and other rogues alike. He’s strived to build a quiet life for himself as a lecturer at King’s College London, softening the edges of his upbringing, but when the Prime of the Society calls in a debt, Nick is dragged back into that world he’s tried so hard to leave behind. Prime Ascrid orders Nick to infiltrate an exclusive auction reserved for the most dangerous rogue arcanists in the world, where the prize is worth killing for and the bidding can be lethal. Nick will need to sharpen his edges and stay two steps ahead of the competition if he’s going to get his hands on the prize…