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Kindle Sale & Updates


First things first, there’s a kindle sale on my debut novel Rogue Arcanist happening right now – you can pick up a lot of words for just 99p! It’s urban fantasy with plenty of magic, murder, libraries, alien life, sword-fighting, tough choices and worse luck. It’s my love letter to the genre, and this is the perfect opportunity to start following Nick’s adventures before the sequel drops next spring. You can read the blurb here, and you can also read the prequel short story ‘Bad Luck Hunting’ for free (yes, free!) on my website here. The sale is only running until Saturday so hurry, hurry…



In other news, I’ve had a hectic few months. Me and my better half enjoyed two blissful weeks in Crete, and then things were full steam ahead with us moving house and getting settled (and I’ve discovered that nothing makes you realise how many books you own more than moving house). Our office is all set up now though which makes writing easier, so I’m hard at work on future projects, and I’ve also been on something of a reading binge.


Some standout books I’ve enjoyed include Craig Schaefer’s Detonation Boulevard (Wisdom’s Grave, Book 2) which is the continuing adventure of two star-crossed lovers travelling a multiverse to defy their fates, but with shotguns and witchcraft and blood. Lots of blood. I’ve also enjoyed Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows (The Crooked Kingdom, Book 1), which is a heist fantasy brimming with loveable, despicable characters – a blisteringly good read! And to cap off my book recommendations I’d go with Tim Pratt’s The Dreaming Stars (The Axiom, Book 2), which is a sci-fi page-turner of a novel packed with interesting, flawed, human (and no so human) characters who wage a secret war against an ancient alien race.



In other media, I really enjoyed the first season of The Dragon Prince on Netflix. I’ve heard some complaints about the animation style, which I can understand, but I personally settled into it after just the first episode, and the story was great. More than anything it’s got me excited for what comes next, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next season. Just the other day I picked up Marvel Comics’ ‘What If?’ The Punisher title – it’s a one-shot about Peter Parker taking a different path after his Uncle Ben is murdered, becoming The Punisher. The artwork is fantastic and the premise had me salivating, but there’s so much to mine here and so much they try to cover that I think it would have benefited from a six-issue run. As a one-shot it feels rushed and somewhat surface-deep, but on the other hand that cover, I mean come on! And I’ve also discovered a new podcast, Alastair Stephens’ There And Back Again, which is a story guide and analysis of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books taken chapter by chapter… I’ve only listened to the first episode so far, but I’m really enjoying how Alastair is unpacking it, and it’s a fun excuse to re-read some of my favourite books.



So that’s all from me. Happy reading!