What is Rogue Arcanist about?

To read the blurb, check out my Books page.

What is an arcanist?

Arcanist [pronounced ah-ka-nist]: a person born with the ability to manipulate reality using spellcraft.

Spellcraft: "spells" written using the Arcana, the language of glyphs governing our reality.

When will Rogue Arcanist be published?

29 May 2018, via Amazon.

Will Rogue Arcanist be e-book only?

It will be available as a paperback (£9.99) as well as on Kindle (£2.99), and also available through Kindle Unlimited. The e-book is available to pre-order now.

Will this be the first book in a series?

Yes. I've mapped out the major story beats, with a definite end in mind, and have planned the Nick Teller series as ten books. I'm in this for the long game.

I can't wait for the first book. What do I do?

Don't worry, I've got you covered. You can read Bad Luck Hunting, set twelve years before the events of Rogue Arcanist - available to read for free here.

I'm a blogger/reviewer. Can I review an ARC of Rogue Arcanist?

Thank you for your interest. Please don't hesitate to contact me on my website here or on Twitter.