What is Rogue Arcanist about?

Rogue Arcanist is a modern-day urban fantasy set in London. Nick Teller isn't a smart-mouth, he isn't a detetective, but he is a wizard... of sorts. You can expect magic, murder, libraries, alien life, sword-fighting, tough choices and worse luck.

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What is an arcanist?

Arcanist [pronounced ah-ka-nist]: a person born with the ability to manipulate reality using spellcraft.

Spellcraft: "spells" written using the Arcana, the language of glyphs governing our reality.

Is Rogue Arcanist available?

Yes! It's available now on Amazon worldwide in paperback, on Kindle, and on Kindle Unlimited.

Will this be the first book in a series?

Yes. I've mapped out the major story beats, with a definite end in mind, and have planned the Nick Teller series as ten books. I'm in this for the long game.

I've read Rogue Arcanist and want more... or, I'm interested but want to see what it's all about first.

Don't worry, I've got you covered. You can read Bad Luck Hunting, set twelve years before the events of Rogue Arcanist and available to read for free here, and you can also read the sequel novel Deadliest Bidder.

The third Nick Teller novel is coming your way in 2020.

I'm a blogger/reviewer. Can I read a review copy of Rogue Arcanist or Deadliest Bidder?

Thank you for your interest. Please don't hesitate to contact me on my website here or on Twitter.