Cover Reveal: Rogue Arcanist

This has been a long coming, but I’m finally ready to reveal the cover for my forthcoming urban fantasy novel Rogue Arcanist, set in modern-day London. So don’t hang about – take a look now…



You don’t know who you are until you’re threatened.

Arcanists are born with the ability to manipulate reality with their spellcraft, their existence a closely guarded secret; they’re among the most dangerous people on the planet, and rogues some of the worst.

Nick Teller isn’t a rogue arcanist by choice; he’d been born to it. But he understands the death sentence that carries if the totalitarian Society of Arcanists ever find him. That’s why he left that life to become a lecturer at King’s College London. Staying hidden, staying safe.

But nothing lasts forever.

When Nick interrupts the ritual murder of a student at the hands of another rogue, he finds himself fighting to keep his head firmly attached to his shoulders, not to mention protect the life he’s built. With the Society’s Blackcloak enforcers on the prowl, Nick knows he has to stay one step ahead of them, the London Metropolitan Police and the homicidal rogue.

But when that rogue’s plans involve something lurking beyond our reality, in the black vastness of Elsewhere, Nick might just find himself out of his league. He’ll need all of his spells, skill and wit to make it out alive, but at what cost? Nick will have to ask himself just how far he’s willing to go to survive.



I have the hugely talented James T. Egan of Bookfly Design to thank for this stunning cover. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with it! James has really captured Nick, and everything from the colour scheme to the tone is just spot on.

I think the cover perfectly sets up what Rogue Arcanist is all about. You can expect magic, murder, libraries, alien life, sword-fighting, tough choices and worse luck. It’s my personal love letter to the genre, and I can’t wait for you to read it!

The novel itself will be released in paperback and on Kindle on the 29th May.

Due to the mechanics of Amazon, the paperback won’t be available to buy until the 29th May. But you can pre-order the Kindle version now for just £2.99, or you can read it for free on Kindle Unlimited once it’s released.



And if you’re a blogger/reviewer and would like an ARC of the novel, please just message me through my contact page or on Twitter.


But why wait to meet Nick Teller?

You can read the prequel short story ‘Bad Luck Hunting’ for free on my website now.



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