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A free Nick Teller short story

“Twelve years before the events of Rogue Arcanist, Nick Teller is just a fifteen year old kid. Except that he’s a fifteen year old kid who’s also an arcanist, and he’s been sent into London to hunt something not from this world. Things can’t get any worse. Oh, wait… yes they can.”

You’ve probably heard me banging on about releasing my debut urban fantasy novel, Rogue Arcanist, next year. In that you can expect magic, murder, libraries, alien life, sword-fighting, tough choices and worse luck.

I’m two parts excited to one part nervous, but while we’re waiting for that I thought I’d release a short story acting as a prequel of sorts to the novel. It’s called Bad Luck Hunting, and you can read it for free on my website here.

You get to meet Nick in his formative years, as well as some other characters you might see again in Rogue Arcanist. And if you like it, please subscribe to my mailing list to be the first to know when the novel is released.

So don’t hang about. Read it here, now!